The Importance of: Relationship

There's an ease and comfort in working with The Carmon Group. I attribute it to a combination of their dedication to craft and their genuine desire to build relationships. This was something I experienced upon our first meeting.

They called me as a potential candidate for a search. I wasn't interested in the position at the time, but I was quite impressed with how much time and energy they put into getting to know me. It was just such a contrast to my previous experience working with search firms. So we kept in touch and built a solid professional relationship. When I became President and CEO at Horsburgh & Scott, I was able to retain The Carmon Group. I considered it a tremendous testament to our relationship.

Around the same time, H&S was finally ready to find a new Vice President of Sales & Marketing. We needed a candidate who could redefine the role and had a proven record of being able to build and manage a team. The Carmon Group collaborated with us to continuously evaluate our requirements, so that ultimately we could hire a candidate that would help us to achieve our growth strategies.

Our hired candidate created an immediate and significant ROI for the company. He established new sales tools, created a formal CRM infrastructure and utilized our recent rebranding campaign to implement a new marketing strategy. That was the search that really solidified my relationship with The Carmon Group.

There's a difference between getting to know someone and what they do and just getting to know a client's search needs. The Carmon Group believes that the right person in the right role is the difference between simply accomplishing objectives and exceeding them.

About the Company

Horsburgh & Scott engineers, designs and manufactures gear boxes and gearbox components. Horsburgh & Scott is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products and offer upgraded gearing as a cost savings.