The Importance of: Perspective

It's the experience that defines The Carmon Group. I think it's the ultimate praise when the placed candidate in turn becomes the client. That's my Carmon Group story.

I met one of the Managing Partners of The Carmon Group when I first moved to Cleveland by responding to a job opportunity affiliated with their firm. After chatting, we both agreed that the position wasn't a good fit for me. But a great rapport began, and he offered to me network with local executives.

After a few months, The Carmon Group contacted me regarding a Director of Human Resources role with MTD Products, which was part of a succession strategy. At this time, we began the formal process of qualification for this role. What I admired most about their process was the thoroughness and honesty. They took careful time to highlight not only the redeeming qualities of the position and company, but any aspects they thought could be potential challenges for me. The Carmon Group had a great understanding of the position and the company.

It made perfect sense to use The Carmon Group for our challenging leadership searches. MTD's satisfaction with using them has been evident. We're an 82-year-old family business, and as such, we have a lot of long-term employees. The Carmon Group finds us candidates that bring in fresh perspectives and new ideas, but in a delicate way, as to not disturb the balance.

I've used retained search firms at previous organizations, however MTD is a smaller, privately held company with a unique culture. For us, it is imperative to align with a search partner that not only understands the functional fit, but cultural perspective as well. We enjoy and continue to work with The Carmon Group because they understand us.

About the Company

MTD is a global leader of outdoor power equipment with facilities all around the world and produces equipment for both residential and commercial markets. MTD's engineering expertise and state-of-the-art facilities have led to our being known for innovation and award-winning products.