The Importance of: Growth

We needed to grow and my role is identifying the pieces that are necessary for that growth. The people we hire are the foundation that will take our company to the next level. The skill of The Carmon Group is in identifying the right people. That's what sets them apart from other search firms.

They have an outstanding ability to identify, locate and pursue candidates that align to our specifications very well. And these are people that aren't looking for work. The Carmon Group's process eliminates the conversation about people who don't fit the profile.

It's never a surface discussion. They find out how we operate by taking time to get to know us. They ask deeper questions to find out our expectations and values. The right questions lead them to the right candidates both functionally and culturally.

There's a high level of integrity and work ethic within The Carmon Group that is reflected in the qualified candidates they present. Before we even meet them, they send a document that includes not only their resume, but also a thorough evaluation of the strategic questions asked and answered. By the time the interviews roll around, I feel like I already know the individual and their motivations to join our organization.

The Carmon Group has filled critical roles that have allowed us to evolve and grow. They've brought in top-level executives that are now leading a strategy to serve that growth. Of the numerous candidates they've placed, I'm 100% satisfied.

About the Company

Aurora Plastics is a dynamic, innovative company that provides the highest quality PVC compounds, customer focused service and superior technical support. Offering a broad range of PVC products – in both powder and pellet form.