The Importance of: Challenge

To be the best, you need the best. Each time I retain The Carmon Group, they exceed my expectations. Each candidate placement was successful, yet each was a challenge.

My organization typically seeks candidates with the rare combination of technical skills and product knowledge, but who also have the drive and motivation to grow a company. We need people that aren't necessarily in our industry, but possess the skills to step in and be effective right away.

Their process identifies unique talent. They start by understanding the DNA of an organization, which allows them to precisely define the job description.

Most people believe they have contacts they can leverage, but in reality you're limited by your own contacts. The Carmon Group removes that limitation by focusing on the organization and job function, and then direct sources "A+" talent to strategically spread the net much wider.

The Carmon Group is different from other search firms. Once they're engaged, my job is easy. They take the time to understand the company, the job, the ideal candidate and managed to keep me informed during the process. I never felt there was something happening that I didn't know.

The candidates who were placed on my teams are the rare finds. Our business has grown and improved because of their fresh take on our company and its objectives. They've helped us discover new practices that greatly improved our business.

The Carmon Group wants to make sure that the outcome worked for the organization and the placed candidate. And in my years of experience, that is a rare quality to find.

About the Company

Flow Polymers has almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing compatibilizing additives, as well as a vast history of formulating hundreds of dispersions for all types of processes. Flow's attention to customer service, quick turnaround time for samples, new product innovation, and consistent product quality, has made it the company customers go to when they need a solution.