The Importance of: Balance

Finding people is hard, but finding people with a balance of character and competence is harder. Yet, that's what The Carmon Group does every time. My philosophy has always been to look for that balance, hence why The Carmon Group is a perfect fit for us. Their values reflect that balance. They aren't going to present an extremely competent candidate that lacks character or vice versa.

My decision to retain The Carmon Group was based on their reputation and a relationship they had with a former colleague of mine. Right off the cuff, the dialogue was open and easy. I've worked with many firms and I could tell right away that The Carmon Group was different. Their primary concern was finding the right candidate. Money was secondary. And they always went over and above, which spoke volumes about their character.

I knew I was in good hands. They gave me consistent reports and communication. It felt like they were a part of my team. I could call them any time with anything. I know that when they referred a candidate to me that the individual had been thoroughly vetted by them for our role.

The very first placement by The Carmon Group was hired in as a Sales Manager and is now VP of Sales. If that doesn't show success, I don't know what does. You can't access character from a resume. The Carmon Group does that for you.

About the Company

Main Street Gourmet is a leading provider and customization expert of frozen bakery items, including muffins, brownies, cookies, granolas and other specialty desserts. Recognized for its expertise in customizing recipes for many premier food retailers, bakery-cafes, in-store bakeries, restaurants and delis across the nation.